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Mortgages variables

A variety of mortgages are available with varying down payment and eligibility requirements.

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Homeowners with down payments of 5 percent or less, and (if already held on a loan) qualified first-time homebuyers, may qualify for the Home Affordable Modification program. For additional information about HAMP please contact your local mortgage lender.

Down payment for interest rate subsidy is 5 percent or less. For more information about HAMP, please contact your local mortgage lender.

Single-family home buyers can apply for mortgage interest rate subsidies. Homeowners with a single-family property can apply online. For more information about HAMP, please contact your local mortgage lender, you can check here and get started.

About the number of applicants: A new mortgage loan is available every 10 minutes. The number of loan applications received each year is a strong indicator of the housing market.

The data used in this report are a sample of total loan applications received from participating lenders. You can request a copy of the most recent Loan Application Data Book by visiting NMLS data downloads.

The report uses “not available” as a response for not-to-disclose information such as the characteristics of the borrower or the loan data it contains. If there is a different response for that information, the data are unavailable. The report does not include mortgage data that are not available due to statute or restriction. If you do not have data for a specific category of mortgage, or for the entire loan history, you will not be able to perform a variety of analyses presented in the report. The data available to you will be sorted into a number of predetermined categories based on the date of the application. If there are many loan applications for a given property, for example, that same property may appear multiple times in this table, depending on the data available at the time.

The study only includes applications submitted by large, national mortgage companies. If you are an individual who wishes to report on an interest rate change that is only affecting you, please send us a copy of your application.

All data are based on state specific data. Information about the specific policy in effect in your state will be provided if applicable. The report contains not complete information about these and other policies that may affect your credit and other transactions.

Transactions that do not report directly to the CFPB, such as FHA and VA loans and mortgage insurance premiums, were excluded. For more information on FHA and VA, please contact the Federal Housing Administration. For information about mortgage insurance premiums, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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